BusinessGenetics and xBML are trademarks
and service marks of BusinessGenetics, Inc.

xBML is a revolutionary business modeling approach that enables you to gain an exact, complete understanding of all aspects of your organization.  xBML provides a comprehensive view of your business, one that depicts the precise, complex relationship between your operations, information, resources, and technology.  It enables you to make informed and quantitative decisions.  Our approach has enabled organizations of all sizes, across many industries, to quickly and effectively solve some of their most complex business problems.  Developed over a 25 year period and proven in 500 worldwide business modeling projects, xBML has been used to  automatically generate business requirements model complex regulations and ensure regulatory compliance drive significant, quantifiable business improvement define and drive corporate strategies Using xBML, BusinessGenetics clients have identified over $2 billion in savings for business improvement opportunities.  Over 1,000 professionals have been trained in xBML, and xBML is in common use within the Fortune 500 and Federal Government. Business models developing using xBML can be relentlessly re-used - model once, re-use many - to drive a multitude of corporate initiatives.